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In the News

NYPD detective punished for breaking confidential informant rules

Linen King’ settles $15 million lawsuit with ex for $35,000

Bronx Man Files Suit Against City Over Treatment in Juvenile Center

Sex Abuse Allegations at NYC Juvenile Detention Center

EXCLUSIVE: Supervisor at city-run juvenile detention center ordered documents shredded days after lawsuit alleging sex abuse of teens

Man settles suit against city alleging juvenile detention used teens as ‘sex slaves’

Port Authority accused of running racist, ‘white-shirt mafia’

Man says he was sexually assaulted while in city-run juvenile center

Juvenile detention supervisor sexually abused resident: suit

Female ex-guard who allegedly had sex with minor in Bronx detention center says assault claims are ‘false’

Lucchese crime family mobsters sentenced in massive gambling operation

Wall Street Protesters Complain of Police Surveillance

NYPD cops tried justifying shooting of unarmed man in Yonkers hour after his death, new lawsuit alleges

Civil Rights Attorneys Criticise SDNY 1983 Plan

Legal Aid Opposes Special Plan For Southern District Civil Rights Cases Involving The NYPD

NYPD Leaving Stray Cash, Cigarettes Around To See If You’ll Steal Them

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Complain About Police Surveillance

Book Acknowledgment – Section 1983 Litigation: Claims and Defense – “I am especially indebted to Vik Pawar for his valuable review of and input to the Fourth Edition of Chapters 1-6.”

Lucchese Attys Can’t Quash Billing Record Subpoenas

Brooklyn man who stabbed, choked ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend to death in jealous rage gets new lawyers

Jury Finds Law Firm Ran Racket

United States vs Salerno (Indelicato)

Lucchese Family mobsters indicted for murder of Michael Meldish

Defense Lawyer: ‘Commission’ Didn’t Control Concrete Industry

Talk:James Burke (gangster)

Reputed Gambino crime family big John D’Amico broke, says his attorney

Reputed Gambino associate pressed to pay escalating fines

United States v. Sperling – 726 F. 2d 69

United States v. Anthony Puglisi, Anthony Bodami, Albert Morgan, and Antonio Pavone, 790 F.2d 240

United States v. KORNBLAU – 586 F.Supp. 614 (1984)

Lawyers suggest dividing Gambino case

United States v. DeLUCA, 529 F.Supp. 351 (1982)

United States v. Rastelli – 870 F. 2d 822

Eddy Marte, et al., Appellants, v. Hon. Carol Berkman, &c., et al., Respondents

USA v. Londonio et al Criminal Case New York Southern District Court, Case No. 1:15-cr-00340


Attys Tell NJ High Court Docs Are Off-Limits During Cases

Veterans on Trial for Peaceable Assembly at Vietnam Veterans Mem orial

Attorney Billing Records Blocked From Probe—for Now

Leroy (Nicky) Barnes testifying at trial of Nicholas Sperling, cross-examination by defense attorney Robert Blossner

Matter of Marte v Berkman – 2011 NY Slip Op 03675

Prosecutor Accuses Westies of a ‘Reign of Terror’

United States v. James COONAN, a/k/a “Jimmy,” Kevin Kelly, James McElroy

Two Tied to Westies Gang Surrender to Face Charges

Jay-Z Cans $1.5 Mil Lawsuit, Faces Possible Backlash From Ex-40/40 Club Chef

Jay-Z Sues 40/40 Club Chef For $1.5 Million

Jay-Z Sues Chef: Rapper’s 40/40 Club Seeks $1.5 Million in Federal Lawsuit