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Practice Areas

Civil Rights and Constitutional Law

The Civil Rights and Constitutional protections afforded to everyone protects individuals from misconduct by law enforcement and people who are in positions of power. Some of the claims might include cases of false arrest, government retaliation, free-speech, malicious prosecution, excessive force, and abuse of prisoners’ rights.

Civil Rights law also includes wrongful termination and employment discrimination. Your civil rights are specifically protected from abuses of power by government, police, corrections officers, and other law enforcement officials under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 of this country’s civil rights code.

In these cases, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants. Whether seeking to obtain or prevent an award of damages for legal wrongdoing, the firm devotes every effort to insure that its clients’ rights are protected and advanced to the fullest extent of the law.

Criminal Defense

Most people do not expect to need a criminal defense lawyer. For that very reason, it is crucial to entrust your case to attorneys who understand every stage of criminal investigations and prosecutions conducted by federal and state authorities.

The potential loss of personal freedom from a criminal accusation requires an aggressive defense. You need to count on someone with the experience and knowledge to guide you.

Our office has extensive experience handling all types of misdemeanor and felony offenses, ranging from petty theft and DWI to complex frauds and violent crimes. Most importantly, we have a track record for winning cases and negotiating favorable plea bargains that serve the client’s best interest.

As soon as you come into contact with the legal system, you need IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Prompt assistance can mean the difference between keeping or losing your personal freedom.

Business and Securities Litigation

Through the decades, we have handled all types of business disputes, and are ready to assist in matters such as breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference, and unfair business practices, among others. Our litigators are comfortable representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil and administrative proceedings.

Investors injured by stock fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, and other management and director malfeasance require skilled and experienced attorneys with expertise in securities law. We have a proven track record in recovering investment losses for investors in public and private companies that have misrepresented material aspects of their business or whose officers and directors have breached their fiduciary duties to shareholders.

We represent investors on a contingency fee basis. We advance all costs and expenses until the conclusion of the case and will only be paid if we are successful in recovering their money. Therefore, our interests are fully aligned with our clients’ interests.